Water Free Full-Text Characterization of Relative Movements between Blocks Observed in a Concrete Dam and Definition of Thresholds for Novelty Identification Based on Machine Learning Models

Despite these challenges, the implementation of any of the proposed procedures in an automated monitoring system can adequately support dam surveillance activities. There are quantities, such as seepage, uplift pressure, and relative movements between blocks, in which regression models could be used with special care since the separation of effects may not be valid. For example, the behaviour of contraction joints depends on the state of stress installed. The variation observed differs for “open” or “closed” joints. Joint opening and closure are governed by normal stress criteria.

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The drainage system comprised a set of 57 drains distributed over the drainage gallery with 3 drains per block. All the water extracted from drains and leakages was collected in 4 weirs. You’ll probably have spotted the odd one out here. To state the obvious, using an election to “campaign on Scotland’s right to choose” is not a de facto independence referendum, and it’s not a remotely credible Plan B because it’s already been tried umpteen times and it’s proved to be utterly ineffective.

Please see the Annex for further product information. This WHO Medical Product Alert refers to two substandard products, identified in Uzbekistan and reported to WHO on 22 December 2022. Substandard medical products are products that fail to meet quality standards or specifications and are therefore “out of specification”. Figure definition of result 12.Time series of the fitted values and recorded values for the movements measured through 3D jointmeters. Wang, J.; Zhang, C.; Jin, F.J. Nonlinear earthquake analysis of high arch dam–water–foundation rock systems. Hariri-Ardebili, M.A.; Kianoush, M.R. Integrative seismic safety evaluation of a high concrete arch dam.

The hydroelectric development of Baixo Sabor is composed of two schemes. The upstream scheme is 12.6 km away from the Sabor river mouth. The downstream scheme is about 3.3 km far from the mouth of the Sabor river . The Feiticeiro dam comprises a concrete gravity dam with an overflow-controlled spillway and a downstream stilling basin. The dam is 45 m high and has a crest length of 315 m, which is divided into twenty-two blocks.

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If you have any information concerning the manufacture or supply of these products, please contact WHO via . Figure 2.Proposed flowchart for the definition of thresholds for novelty identification. Salazar, F.; Toledo, M.A.; Oñate, E.; Morán, R. An empirical comparison of machine learning techniques for dam behaviour modelling. The samples regarding the relative movements between blocks were collected every two weeks for manual measurements and every hour for automated measurements, as seen in Figure 7. Signs (+) indicate opening movements, and signs (−) indicate closing movements.

definition of result

The tentative economic recovery is the result of the relatively easy financing environment during the previous period, the trend could be sustained until the end of the third quarter, when downward pressure will likely resurface. I have to do well enough there, and I think I will …. And if I catch fire, I think the sky is the limit. Poor showings in both or either of those first two primaries can doom a campaign. The next debate is being hosted by Fox Business and is on January 14. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.


Figure 8.Time series of the relative movements between blocks measured between the 1st and the 8th of August 2018. Figure 7.Time series of the relative movements between blocks measured between April 2017 and June 2022. Hariri-Ardebili, M.A.; Mirzabozorg, H.; Ghaemian, M. Pulvino and peripheral joint effects on static and seismic safety of concrete arch dams. Displacements were measured using an integrated system that included 3 pendulums, 8 rod extensometers, and geodetic observations. The relative movements between blocks were measured by superficial and embedded jointmeters.

  • Same applies in any election as long as a party or parties running on that single issue get a majority of votes.
  • The water height and the concrete dam body temperature variations are the selected main inputs in the proposed model.
  • WHO requests increased surveillance and diligence within the supply chains of countries and regions likely to be affected by these products.
  • The current knowledge in the field of machine learning allows the proper interpretation and prediction of these quantities, including anomaly detection , knowledge that is expected to grow in the following years.
  • Some experts suggest these tech industry layoffs are a result of a shift in the industry’s actual products and services.

Seek advice from a healthcare professional when in doubt. WHO requests increased surveillance and diligence within the supply chains of countries and regions likely to be affected by these products. Increased surveillance of the informal/unregulated market is also advised. National regulatory authorities/health authorities are advised to immediately notify WHO if these substandard products are discovered in their respective country. It is important to detect and remove these substandard products from circulation to prevent harm to patients. And F.M.; software, J.M., F.M.

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Du, X.; Tu, J. Nonlinear seismic response analysis of arch dam-foundation systems—Part II opening and closing contact joints. The observations presented in Figure 7, Figure 8, Figure 9 and Figure 10 will be used for the computation of the models presented in this work. Concrete temperature through thermometers with resistance thermometer transducers of the Carlson type.

Something that follows naturally from a particular action, operation, or course; a consequence or outcome. The committee’s report is the result of an investigation that included more than 1,000 witness interviews and a review of more than one million pages of documents, obtained after the panel issued more than 100 subpoenas. For years, environmental regulators thought sewage pouring over the border from Mexico was largely the result of heavy winter rains that flushed polluted runoff and wastewater through the Tijuana River channel into the estuary in Imperial Beach. Some experts suggest these tech industry layoffs are a result of a shift in the industry’s actual products and services.

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And A.A.; validation, A.A., X.R. And J.P.S.; formal analysis, J.M., F.M., A.A., X.R. And J.P.S.; investigation, J.M., F.M. And A.A.; data curation, J.M. And A.A.; writing—original draft preparation, J.M.

4) Use the next Westminster election “to campaign on the issue of Scotland’s right to choose how it is governed”. A pro-independence blog by James Kelly – voted one of Scotland’s top 10 political websites. Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. “In some cases, they will pay a fee to have direct access to the company’s data, so they can serve it directly and faster,” Patterson explained. “It wasn’t a Google definition.” Are we missing a good definition for result.?

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The main physical quantities measured through the monitoring system are seepage and leakage, uplift pressure, horizontal displacements, vertical displacements, relative displacements between blocks , and relative displacements in the rock mass foundation. The interpretation of the observed values is usually based on knowledge related to the physical and chemical phenomena that govern the structure and, whenever possible, is based on deterministic or data-based models. For decision-making, deterministic models are preferred, while in day-to-day activities, data-based models are the most commonly used. Artificial neural networks have caught the attention of the scientific community since the 1990s due to their ability to learn the pattern of structural behaviour in large infrastructures with a good capacity for generalization . A NN computes a function of the inputs by propagating the computed values from the input neurons to the output neurons using different weights as an intermediate parameter .

A result of something is an event or situation that happens or exists because of it. Damage that resulted from the storm; charges that resulted from the investigation. Also notable in the stories is the stupidity of most of the murderers and the speed with which they were apprehended, tried and sentenced; this is perhaps a result of choosing stories that resolved rather than trailing into unsolved mysteries. Violations of those statutes result in civil forfeitures, or citations, Kuhn said. Every former detainee or family member said suspects were told early in the investigation that paying money or signing over assets, often totaling millions of dollars, would result in their release.

As a result of the confrontation between vandals and security forces and in events that are the subject of investigation by the attorney general’s office, two people were killed. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word result of. If you sometimes want those results and sometimes don’t, head to the top right of the search window.

The total concrete volume is equal to 130,000 m3. Please let us know what you think of our products and services. Editor’s https://globalcloudteam.com/ Choice articles are based on recommendations by the scientific editors of MDPI journals from around the world.

Feature Papers are submitted upon individual invitation or recommendation by the scientific editors and undergo peer review prior to publication. Today in Holyrood Robertson had them chatting about whether or not they really really really want independence once again. Of course Holyrood had previously voted twice in the last parliament for Indyref2 to happen. Spoiler alert it didn’t happen. So this time the UK Government would be even more relaxed and unconcerned about ignoring the mandate.

But ten days is actually enough time to make some changes and see some results. A result is something that occurs as a consequence of some action. The result of your practical joke is a puddle of water on the floor and a lump on your cousin’s head where the bucket hit him.

As a result of this perception, a lot of kids pick up e-cigarette smoking, there’s so many kids who are smoking e-cigarettes. And these kids are going to become adults. And these adults can become elderly patients that I as a cardiologist will take care of later on. She was starting to develop multi-organ failure from the result of the permanent damage that she had.

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