Everyone likes to see their reflection, so a decorative mirror work  on a wall easily grabs every person’s attention in home, offices.

  • A decorative mirror work in Dubai add  a decor to your home and create an illusion of spaciousness.

Types of decorative frame mirror:

 Wall Mirror:

  • As I share my experience when I wanted to buy my first apartment  I went to visit different furnished apartments and the apartment that I like the most is one where the decor was minimalist with no extra touch of haughtiness but the thing that makes this house so elegant is the wall mirrors. 
  • Wall mirrors increase the volume of space and make it ravishing.

           You can choose any mirror works in dubai either it’s decorative, small, or large.

Makeup Mirror:

  • Lights hit your face  the concave and parabolic shape of the mirror surface is used for the makeup process.
  • Makeup mirrors or also called cosmetic makeup mirrors.                                                                      LED makeup mirror:
  • We also used a round-shaped mirror or vanity makeup mirror with LED  for that purpose.
  • Nowadays,   mostly vanity makeup mirrors with LEDs are the first preference for most girls because it is best for “checking basic makeup, spot treating acne and finding food stuck between the teeth”.

 Bathroom Mirror:

  • Whenever we are considering the remodeling of our house, one room that we always ignore is the bathroom. 
  • Which takes the same part in our home furnishing as other rooms.
  • To bring elegance to your bathroom use a mirror that has a contemporary design like a brushed metal wall mirror.
  • The necessary  thing is that the mirror should measure several inches less than the vanity or sink area. 

  Custom Mirror :

  • A custom cut mirror installation the basic thing that you can easily do to personalize a mirror is by painting.
  • Try to paint a colour which you like the most and use it as paint on the frame of the mirror.

         Self design sticker work:

  • When ordering you can select the aspect of your sticker deepening on whether you intend to apply the sticker on the glass.
  • Application of window stickers is a very easy and quick procedure.
  • We recommend self-adhesive film for long-term applications because the self-cling window stickers are reusable and peel off in seconds.
  • Depending on your space and budget you could add or change other things also.

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