Types of Glass for Office Partition

5 Types of Glass for Office Partition:

We provide office glass partitions used to plan office design.Taking care of sound and privacy of Office glass partition.

 Acoustic Glass Partition:

  • To provide better glass insulation than an ordinary single glazed acoustic glass is a special glass for office glass partitions.
  •  The noise levels  can be reduce approximately 20-25 decibels by single glazing with a pane width of 4mm.

  Single Glass Partition:

  •   If you want a  glass partition and your intentions of using it in differentiating rooms, a single glass partition is the best glass work of Office glass partition in Dubai.
  • They are one of them which is easy to install and has a low cost.

  Double Glass Partitions:

  •  For better sound insulation if you want to reduce noise interference Double glass partition is a good choice that maintains an open feeling.
  • In terms Of lighting and keeping sight open, double glass work has the same function as single-layer glass work.

           Curved Glass:

  • The Curved Glass partition has an excellent design function. It is more elegant and offers something softer.
  • It makes your office get rid of the straight line of the cubic partition and physical feeling.
  • The glass panel and the rails are customised.
  • You will get the best final result.
  • The glasswork process must be more expensive and time-consuming.

   Sandblasting Glass:

  •  It creates a surface prone to permanent staining and can weaken the glass.
  • It is produce from bombarding the glass surface with small particles.

Reflective Glass Work:

  • The reflective glass reflects heat.
  • It is a clear glass work with a metallic coating.
  • It blocks the view of people standing in front of it.

Laminated Glass:

  • liminated glass holds inner glass layers and holds the two outer layers.
  • It reduces the safety hazards of shattered glass fragments.
  • Colour interlayer’s are use for privacy and purely decorative purposes.


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