Sandblasting Work In Dubai

Sandblasting Work In Dubai

Sandblasting is a machine-assisted process that involves using a powered machine,  a compressor used with a spray under high pressure.

  Uses of Sandblasting:

  • Clean smaller tools:
  • Sandblast cleaning plays an important role in cleaning the smaller instruments.
  • Rust on metal objects can be easily cleaned.

Strips off paints:

  • The best way to remove paint because the surface you are dealing was painted a long time ago. 

Create Impressive Art:

  • We can use this technique to carve remarkable patterns on different surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, and other materials.

Sandblasting Stickers Work:

  • These are normally used for office glass partitions and house/villa glasses.
  • It increases privacy and protect from sunlight by using the latest and advanced machinery and equipment.
  • Stickers are a great way to promote your business.
  • This also increases the beauty of the window by doing a nice cut and install.


Equipment Used:

  • Typically different equipment can be used considering the choices based on the surface being cleaned and your ability to handle the task. Like 
  1. Sandblasters 
  2. Abrasive blasters 
  3. Blast rooms 
  4. Air blaster
  5. Sanding materials   
  • If you do not take the right equipment they tend to shut themselves automatically after a few minutes.

  Sandblasted Surface:

  • Wood:
  • When the paint on a wood surface starts fading this is when sandblast is the perfect solution.
  • Glass:
  • Sand is naturally abrasive and when combined with fast-moving air of etching glass it creates a look with frosted glass.
  • Cast iron:
  • Paint can peel off from cast iron railing materials. we can prepare the surface for repairing or other treatment by using sandblasting.
  • Steel:
  • We protect the surface of steel that have been freshly manufactured.

Types Of Sandblasting:

1.Sandblasting Using Air:

  • This type of sandblasting is used for removing paint, rust, or old finish furniture by giving air pressure.
  • This process is efficient and is the only solution for optimum cleansing.

2.Sandblasting Using Water:

  • An abrasive material is mixed with a water jet to create an abrasive spray which is blasted on the surface to break away small pieces of an undesirable substance.
  • This process releases no sand from the machine and prevents surface deterioration.

Benefits Of Sandblasting:

  • The method is highly efficient and for removing old paints from the surface of metal before applying a fresh coat of paint.
  • This process of sandblasting speeds up the entire process and requires much less effort on the machine operator. Sandblasting stimulates the regeneration of the skin and increases blood flow.

Considering sandblasting the best:

  •  As compare to other methods sandblasting is less laborious.
  • When you deal with nooks and crannies this method is perfect.
  • This process is mild enough to remove paints from cars, houses, and machines without harming the metal underneath. 

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