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Types of Mirror Work In Dubai

We are dealing with high-quality mirror work in Dubai, mirror installation is related to residential and commercial interior.

  • Wall mirror work in Dubai:
  • The touch of  Beauty that mirrors add to your home is magical. So many people decorate their homes especially their bedrooms or bathrooms with different shapes of mirrors such as round or rectangular.
  • A full-sized mirror is essential in the bedroom or bathroom that you can get ready while staying in your privacy.
  • We always try to provide quality services in the installation of wall mirrors.
  • Table top mirror work in Dubai:
  • During speech therapy procedure the designed special mirrors are placed in front of them by showing the neck and head of the person.
  • Antique mirror:
  • The mirrors that have an old-fashioned yet give classic and inspiring look.
  • We can identify the antique mirror by checking the mirror appearance whether it’s crystalline or sparkly behind the glass or not.
  • Antique floor mirrors are tall mirrors that you see all of your body at once.

             Make-up/Shaving Mirrors:

  • Your makeup is only going to look as good as the makeup mirror you use while applying it so try to pick the right mirror for that purpose.
  • These mirrors are generally small in size and easy to carry.
  • Living room Mirrors:
  • Living Rooms are the best place for the installation of mirrors. 
  • Mirrors not only add a decorative touch to an interior but also make it spacious.
  • It adds a sense of balance to a neutral living room.

           Furniture Mirrors:

  • Any type of furniture in which a mirror is installed is called Furniture mirrors.
  • Furniture mirror work in Dubai  includes dressing table mirror, side table mirror, mirrors attached to a bed etc.
  • Many people also use a dresser attached to a mirror which is also called a bureau.

          Frameless Mirrors:

  • Frameless mirrors will give an enhanced look to your room or bathroom.
  • Some people don’t need fame around their mirrors so they go frameless mirrors because they will give more illusion and make it look more spacious with more reflection of light.
  • Frameless mirrors never go out of style; they are forever trending.

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