7 Tips on How to Buy the Best Decorative Frame Mirror in Dubai – +971567506355

7 Tips on How to Buy the Best Decorative Frame Mirror in Dubai – +971567506355

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Frame mirrors are great for so many reasons – they can glorify the beauty of your house, they reflect light. Sometimes, these mirrors can also create an illusion of making the space bigger.

However, if you place a beautiful decorative frame mirror in an empty room, you might end up making it much more attractive.

But before you start hanging mirrors in, left, right, or center, have a look at this.

Here is a complete guide on how to buy the best decorative frame mirror in Dubai. The whole guide is divided into 7 steps. So that, it will be easier for you to remember it.

Hence, without any further ado, let’s get started.


How to Buy the Best Decorative Frame Mirror in Dubai


1.      Reflection matters

Always give a second thought to what is across a mirror, when you hang it. However, we often hang mirrors based on the available space we have on the wall. But it is very important to think about what will be reflected in it.

For example, if you hang a mirror in front of an architectural element, an antique piece, or a drawing, it will increase their value. Also, if it is possible, try to hang a mirror in front of a window. It not only allows you to see the outside view, but it also increases the amount of light in the room.


2.      Importance of Placement

Apart from placing the mirror in front of something, a mirror should always be placed at an appropriate height. However, for the frame mirrors, the eye-level height is the best. Which is, 150cm from the ground on average.


3.      Think Big

Never be afraid to use a big mirror in a small space. Mirrors can create an illusion of space and depth. Sequentially, they can be very helpful in making a small room look bigger.

Wide, landscaped frame mirrors are also great for hallways, and long corridors. On the other hand, a large standing mirror leaned against the wall is a great decorative piece for a small place.


4.      Try to create a focal point

A focal point in interior design means a place where your eyes are immediately drawn. Mirrors are really helpful when it comes to creating a focal point. That’s why you will see mirrors placed above mantles and dining room buffets, most of the time.

Hang sconces on any side, and you have created the best focal point in any room. However, if you want it even bigger, a wall covered completely in mirrors may create a magnificent feature.


5.      Be clear about the style

A mirror can be edgy, classic, modern, traditional, any of them. It all depends on which kind of frame you are using. Hence, whenever you are buying a frame mirror, always bear in mind what effect you want in your room.

A black framed mirror or a white framed mirror might be useful to create a sober condition. On the other hand, a wooden antique mirror might create an antique environment. The choice is up to you.


6.      Hang it correctly

Because you have invested your money and time in buying a mirror, you should always keep a check on the safety.

A tiny nail hammered in the wall is never enough to hang a large wall mirror. Try using proper wall hooks and picture hangers. Furthermore, use one at each end to make sure the frame mirror is hung flat on the wall.


7.      The more, the better

You can use a great number of mirrors in one place. try to place the mirrors in front of each other. It will create a series of reflections, making a mythic scene. All the frames will be visually busy.

This trick helps a lot, especially in small, messy rooms.


Where to get the best decorative frame mirror in Dubai

After reading the guide on how to buy the best frame mirror, it’s time to get one for sure.

However, if you are living in Dubai, and want to buy a frame mirror. But at the same time, you are not sure about where you can get it.

So, here is the answer.

Hamdan Glass Services is a place from where you can get the best decorative frame mirror in Dubai. If you are still confused, then do not worry. Because you can always get a free quote from HGS.

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