Who doesn’t want brilliant home decor ideas for their home? 


And if you have a lady in the house, the idea of interior decorating isn’t an option but a matter of survival, right? 


For your ease or should I say survival, HGS proudly serves you with quality decorative frame mirror in Dubai at the most affordable prices. But let’s not get carried away and discuss more about the uses and benefits of decorative frame mirrors.


Why use Decorative Frame Mirrors


1: Producing the Illusion of Space


Having dreams don’t cost but finding a large living space does. And rarely does one find space at affordable rates. By hanging decorative mirrors, you can not only add decor to your home but create an illusion of spaciousness as well. 


Try hanging a decorative wall mirror in your bedroom and watch it reflect the open space of the room. 


2: Extra Home Decor


A decorative frame mirror is itself a decoration but if you place it perfectly parallel to a showpiece such as a vase then the reflection adds elegance to the room. 


But be careful while hanging a mirror in the room. Make sure that it doesn’t reflect any dull item such as a cluttered desk. 


3: Enhance Room’s Lighting


One of the most important elements of interior decorating is lighting. Hanging mirrors in the house will reflect the light and illuminate the interior beyond the capacity of the lights.


4: Disguising Imperfections


Imperfections such as a blotch of paint or hole in a wall are common these days. By hanging mirrors before them can conceal such areas by adding elegance to the room at the same time. 


5: Attention Seeking


You can rarely find someone who doesn’t like to see their reflection. By placing a decorative mirror on a table or hanging it on a wall can grab the visitor’s attention easily and add glamour to your home decor as well


Types of Decorative Mirrors in Dubai


decorative frame mirrors

Following is a list of the different types of decorative frame mirror in Dubai. 


  1. Bathroom Mirror in Dubai
  2. Large Wall Mirror in UAE
  3. Decorative Wall Mirror in Dubai
  4. Custom Mirror in Dubai
  5. Cosmetic Makeup Mirror
  6. Wall Mounted Mirror
  7. Small Sized Wall Mirror
  8. Round Shaped Makeup Mirror
  9. Vanity Makeup Mirror with LED


Affordable & High Quality Decorative Frame Mirror in Dubai 


As one of the rising glass work companies in Dubai, we aim to provide our clientele a variety of options in decorative mirrors in UAE. We agree that you may find various options for buying mirrors in Dubai but we assure that you won’t find this type of quality at such affordable rates. 


Click here to get a quote for your home or office.

5 Types of Glass for Office Partitions – +971567506355

Are you on the look out for the best glass for office partitions in Dubai?

Whether it is your house or your office, it is essential to have quality glass used in office glass partitions. But there are so many different types of office partitions that anyone can easily get confused choosing.

Also, with so many glass work companies in Dubai, one can get even more confused about the credibility in their suggestions.

But if you know which type of office partition you really need, you don’t have to rely upon any of their suggestions.

That’s exactly why we have created this post detailing the types of different glass partitions for offices and their uses.

Let’s Discover


Different Types of Glass for Office Partitions

Single Glazed Partitions: If your only intention of using a glass partition is differentiating rooms then this type of glass partition is best for you. Single glazed partitions are low-cost and easy-to-install.

Double Glazed Partitions:  The double-glazed wall has the same function as single-layer glass in terms of lighting and keeping sight open, but it has better sound insulation. Therefore, if you want to reduce noise interference, it still maintains an open feeling, which is a good choice.

Acoustic Glass: This specialized glass glass provides better sound insulation than ordinary single glaze. Therefore, it can be used as a step between single-layer glass and double-layer glass to reduce noise interference in the office. The advantage is that it is not necessary to add a second pane.

Curved Glass: The curved glass wall partition has an excellent design function, which makes your office get rid of the physical feeling and the straight line of the cubic partition. Since the rails and glass panels must be customized, the process must be more expensive and time-consuming, but the final result is breathtaking.

Faceted Glass: If curved glass is a bit too luxurious for your budget, but you still want to avoid square partitions, then a multi-sided glass wall is a good choice. Instead of actually bending the panel itself, thin flat walls are arranged as polygons to create the impression of curves.


So which one are you going to choose for your office?

And if you are after affordable yet quality glass and mirror works in Dubai, simply contact us here

7 Tips on How to Buy the Best Decorative Frame Mirror in Dubai – +971567506355

Frame mirrors are great for so many reasons – they can glorify the beauty of your house, they reflect light. Sometimes, these mirrors can also create an illusion of making the space bigger.

However, if you place a beautiful decorative frame mirror in an empty room, you might end up making it much more attractive.

But before you start hanging mirrors in, left, right, or center, have a look at this.

Here is a complete guide on how to buy the best decorative frame mirror in Dubai. The whole guide is divided into 7 steps. So that, it will be easier for you to remember it.

Hence, without any further ado, let’s get started.


How to Buy the Best Decorative Frame Mirror in Dubai


1.      Reflection matters

Always give a second thought to what is across a mirror, when you hang it. However, we often hang mirrors based on the available space we have on the wall. But it is very important to think about what will be reflected in it.

For example, if you hang a mirror in front of an architectural element, an antique piece, or a drawing, it will increase their value. Also, if it is possible, try to hang a mirror in front of a window. It not only allows you to see the outside view, but it also increases the amount of light in the room.


2.      Importance of Placement

Apart from placing the mirror in front of something, a mirror should always be placed at an appropriate height. However, for the frame mirrors, the eye-level height is the best. Which is, 150cm from the ground on average.


3.      Think Big

Never be afraid to use a big mirror in a small space. Mirrors can create an illusion of space and depth. Sequentially, they can be very helpful in making a small room look bigger.

Wide, landscaped frame mirrors are also great for hallways, and long corridors. On the other hand, a large standing mirror leaned against the wall is a great decorative piece for a small place.


4.      Try to create a focal point

A focal point in interior design means a place where your eyes are immediately drawn. Mirrors are really helpful when it comes to creating a focal point. That’s why you will see mirrors placed above mantles and dining room buffets, most of the time.

Hang sconces on any side, and you have created the best focal point in any room. However, if you want it even bigger, a wall covered completely in mirrors may create a magnificent feature.


5.      Be clear about the style

A mirror can be edgy, classic, modern, traditional, any of them. It all depends on which kind of frame you are using. Hence, whenever you are buying a frame mirror, always bear in mind what effect you want in your room.

A black framed mirror or a white framed mirror might be useful to create a sober condition. On the other hand, a wooden antique mirror might create an antique environment. The choice is up to you.


6.      Hang it correctly

Because you have invested your money and time in buying a mirror, you should always keep a check on the safety.

A tiny nail hammered in the wall is never enough to hang a large wall mirror. Try using proper wall hooks and picture hangers. Furthermore, use one at each end to make sure the frame mirror is hung flat on the wall.


7.      The more, the better

You can use a great number of mirrors in one place. try to place the mirrors in front of each other. It will create a series of reflections, making a mythic scene. All the frames will be visually busy.

This trick helps a lot, especially in small, messy rooms.


Where to get the best decorative frame mirror in Dubai

After reading the guide on how to buy the best frame mirror, it’s time to get one for sure.

However, if you are living in Dubai, and want to buy a frame mirror. But at the same time, you are not sure about where you can get it.

So, here is the answer.

Hamdan Glass Services is a place from where you can get the best decorative frame mirror in Dubai. If you are still confused, then do not worry. Because you can always get a free quote from HGS.

Simply contact us at +971-56-1372414, or

SANDBLASTING WORK in DUBAI – +971567506355

Sandblasting work in Dubai is performed in multiple ways, and it all depends upon the purpose.

Finding it hard to clean a clogged surface in your home or office?

Or simply wish to transform your old furniture into a shining new one? 

If yes, you are looking for sandblasting work in Dubai! 

What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a machine-assisted process for surface cleaning. Also known as abrasive blasting, the process usually involves the use of an air compressor along with a sandblasting machine for blasting any clogged surface with sand particles, thus named ‘sandblasting’. The striking sand particles remove any clogged elements and create a smooth and more even texture. 

If you are looking for the best sandblasting work in Dubai, sandblasting companies in Sharjah, or searching for sandblasting near me, then you should find the best uses of sandblasting. 

What is the Use of Sandblasting?

Sandblasting Dubai can be used for different purposes. Some of those important ones are listed below.


  1. Removal of Paint: Removing paint from any surface manually can be a very tiring and inefficient process and using chemicals to do so can cause harm to the material. That’s why sandblasting is usually employed to remove paint from surfaces. 
  2. Removal of Rust: Rust on metal objects is a very common as well as a frustrating phenomenon. Usually, the rust is softer than the material beneath it so sandblasting efficiently removes it. 
  3. Small Part Shaping: Precision is one of the most important factors while creating small parts. Unfortunately, sometimes machines miss a little edge or metal burrs which can cause problems. Sandblasting can be used to smooth the parts to perfection. 
  4. Concrete Cleaning: You may find debris, paint, and stains in your path as you set up to transform any old part of your building. For the most efficient results, employ sandblasting. 
  5. Artwork: If you are looking to have beautiful artworks etched on your metal surfaces then look no further than the sandblasting work in Dubai as our team also specializes in the aesthetic side of sandblasting. 

Types of Sandblasting Work in Dubai.

1. Air: In this process, the air pressurizes the abrasive and helps it strike the surface. This type of sandblasting is used and suits metal surfaces as it helps to remove the rust from the surface.`

The purpose: Removing the rust from the metal surface.

The second type of sandblasting work in Dubai is using water pressure, and since there is not a single particle of sand is propelled, it serves an entirely different purpose.

Remember, you can find sandblasting companies in Al-Quoz or across the UAE that know the uses of water-driven and air-driven types of sandblasting work in Dubai. But, it is equally important for you to know this as well.

2. Water: In this process, no sand is released from the machine. This is why it is used before coating or painting a surface to make sure that the color lasts longer. And this is why you may be able to find this method used by blasting and painting companies in UAE.

The use of water pressure to shoot the abrasive against the surface suits concrete and bricks. The role of Sandblasting here is to prevent surface deterioration.


What materials can be used in Sandblasting works in Dubai?

  1. Walnut Shells.
  2. Garnet.
  3. Silica Sand.
  4. Plastic pellets.
  5. Aluminum Oxide.

Materials that can be sandblasted?

  1. Wood.
  2. Stone.
  3. Metal.
  4. Pewter.
  5. Glass.
  6. Plastic.

How to do sandblasting? Sandblasting works in Dubai.

Step 1 – Pour silica sand into sandblasting machine.
Step 2 – Connect the machine to the conventional air compressor.
Step 3 – The abrasive is shot.

Silica sand is a material that’s often used for sandblasting by sandblasting companies in UAE. And whilst we know that you are not a sand blasting machine supplier in UAE, But, it’s important for you to know that there are 3 main parts of the sandblasting machine. The first is the air compressor and the second is sandblasting gun’s hopper and the third one is sandblasting gun itself. And roughly speaking, the pressure of abrasive can be around 50-130 pound-force per square inch

As for the Sandblasting works in Dubai, you can find services at affordable rates which eliminates the need to look at sand blasting machine price in UAE.

The Best Sandblasting Work in Dubai

Our team has been performing abrasive blasting or sandblasting work in Dubai for many years. If you are looking to remove grease, rust, or any clogged material from any surface, Hamdan Glass Services can cater to your needs by providing the best sandblasting work in Dubai. 


Top-notch Glass Window Repair in Dubai – +971567506355

“If eyes are the windows to our souls, then windows are the eyes into the soul of a house.”

These are the beautiful words of Rose Tarlow on the importance of windows. However, in the light of this quote, we can see the value of windows in our homes.

Although, the most popular material for making windows is glass. But at the same time, glass is also very fragile. It cannot tolerate a great amount of stress. If we apply much load on it, eventually it will break.

It’s a great loss if the window of a house breaks. Because it will destroy the whole beauty of it. But don’t worry because we can fix your broken windows. If you are looking for the best glass window repair in Dubai, then you are in the right place.

However, you should know the importance of windows first. So that you can create a better understanding of why you should get your windows repaired.


Importance of Windows in a Home

Below, you will find 3 factors on the importance of windows in your home.


Allowance of Natural Light

You should always welcome the natural light in your home. Because it does not only improve the sight but also has a surprising effect on your mental health.

However, a research shows that the patients who have an opportunity to look through a window overlooking nature, tend to recover faster than those who do not.

Moreover, modern studies also show that exposure to natural light might even slow down the neuron response to pain receptors.


A Wise Investment

According to CNBC, if you invest $10,000 on new windows you can eventually increase the value of your house by $8,500. Which is an 85% Return on Investment. However, because of the natural light coming through the windows, your electricity bill might also decrease.

Making your windows larger can save you a great amount of money. Hence, we can say that investing in windows is a good idea.



Apart from saving money and allowing natural light, windows can glorify the beauty of your house as well.

If you install a beautiful looking glass window in your sitting room, bedroom, etc. you will notice that the view of your room becomes better.

Well, there are a lot of window glass types in the market. These include tinted glass windows, shaded glass windows, colored glass windows, etc.


Where to get the best glass window repair in Dubai?

As you have learned enough about the importance of windows, now it’s time to get one. But before buying the glass windows, you should be well prepared for the worst.

As mentioned earlier, glass windows are fragile, and they tend to break easily. Hence you should know from where you can get it repaired.

Hamdan Glass Services is one of the best glass window repair in Dubai. If you want to get your glass windows repaired, then you should definitely get our services.

Different Types of Glass Table Top in Dubai – +971567506355

If you are looking to buy the best glass table top in Dubai, then you should know about the types of it. There are a lot of different types of glass material available in the market that sometimes it becomes very difficult to choose one. However, this guide will help you know these types.

Although, tables can be made with different types of material. For example, wood, metal, or ceramics. However, a beautiful table is the one that is made of glass or has a glass table top.

There many types of tables made of glass, including glass dining table and glass coffee table, that creates confusion in making a choice.

In this guide, we have brought the top 5 glass types for glass table top replacement. So that, it becomes much easier for you to choose a material according to your need.

However, before we begin, it is important to discuss why are you looking for glass table top in Dubai alternatives? If you want to resize your glass table top in Dubai, then you are looking for glass for table top cut to size near me, glass cutting Dubai, or glass for table top cut to size Dubai services.

Types of Glass Table Top in Dubai

  • Clear Glass Table Top

The properties of clear glass table top resemble a lot with those of acrylic plastic. This type of glass is clear, bright, and it can protect your table from a good amount of damage.

It has a tinted edge and has a low temperament potential. However, its temperament potential can be increased by increasing the thickness making its edge more tinted.

It is the most popular glass type and you can easily find it. Therefore, it is cheaper than others.


  • Tinted Glass Table Top

Anyone can know its type by seeing its name. This type of glass table top comes in pre-colored designs. These colors can be black, green, grey, blue. Moreover, you can also find a mixture of two colors. For example, greenish-black or blueish-green, etc.

Its properties are similar to those of the clear glass table top. However, the difference is that it can absorb a larger amount of thermal stress and reflects lesser light. Hence, it is the best fit for a place where you need low light.


  • Tempered Glass Table Top

If you are looking for a strong, yet easy-to-buy glass table top, then you should go for tempered glass. It has a very high impact resistance because it is made by locking silica in high heat and high compression environments.

It is four times stronger than the regular glass and its price is also reasonable. Therefore, it is one of the best table top replacements.


  • Frosted Glass Table Top

It is six times more resistant and stronger than the normal glass. Its texture is like crystal. Consequently, a lesser amount of light passes through it. Usually, it is used in the manufacturing of office tables and conference tables.


  • Laminated Glass Table Top

One of the biggest advantages of a laminated glass table top is that when it breaks, the inner layer holds its pieces. However, it is very much resistant to thermal and mechanical impact.


What is the best thickness for a glass table top?

1/4 inch is the best thickness for a glass table top in Dubai. However, if you ask a glass maker Dubai, he will be able to tell you various measurements regarding the thickness of the glass for table table top Dubai. Among those glass table top Dubai measurements, you will be able to find 1/2 and/or 3/8 inch thickness more attractive generally. Albeit, it also depends upon your taste. As for the 1/4 inch thick table top Dubai, it is more suitable for patio tables. But, instead of glass table top in Dubai, if you are looking for a glass desk Dubai or a glass dining table Dubai, then the measurements may differ.

What can I use to substitute a table glass top?

Acrylic plastic is one of the options at your disposal to substitute glass table top in Dubai. However, if you are looking to resize it, then you don’t need to substitute it. You can opt for glass cutting Dubai or glass for table top cut to size Dubai services. Therefore, it is important to recognize your needs, and it goes beyond just typing table glass company near me in the search bar.


Types of Glass Table Top Available at HGS

  1. Dining & Coffee Glass Table Top Replacement
  2. Office & Meeting Glass Table Top Replacement
  3. Study Table Glass Replacement
  4. Custom Glass Table Top Dubai
  5. Glass Top Dining Table Dubai
  6. Glass Dining Table Dubai
  7. Glass Desk Dubai
  8. Tempered Glass Table Top Dubai


Where to Get the Best Glass Table Top in Dubai?

As you have learned enough about the glass table top types, now it’s time to get one. If you want to get the best glass table top in Dubai, you can contact us at 0971556582346 or simply fill out a form here and we will take care of your glass table. As one of the leading glass shops in Dubai, we take pride in serving our clients right.

9 Types of Mirror Works in Dubai – +971567506355

Why do you need mirror works in Dubai?

“Everybody needs mirrors to remind themselves who they are. You’re no different.”

These are the words of Jonathan Nolan – one of the great American-British Screen Writers and the brother of Christopher Nolan. However, in the reflection of this quote, we can see that mirrors help us to increase our self-confidence and motivation.

While on the other hand, they also increase the beauty in the decoration of our homes.

Hence, we can say that if we want to glorify the look of our sitting room, bedroom, bathroom, or even the drawing rooms sometimes, we should install a beautiful mirror on the premises.

If you are a resident of Dubai and you are looking for quality mirror works in Dubai, then you are on the right path.

Hamdan Glass Services – Providing Quality Mirror Works in Dubai

HGS is not among mirror suppliers in UAE but serves the top quality mirror works in Dubai. Because we believe in 360-degree feedback customer satisfaction.

The area of our expertise includes the services of sandblasting, colored mirroring, as well as LED-back-lighting. However, the energetic employees of Hamdan Glass Services provide their best work regardless of the task assigned.

Below you will a list of the services that are currently being provided at Hamdan Glass Services related to the mirror works in Dubai.

Types of Mirror Works in Dubai Provided by HGS

At the time, we are dealing in 9 different kinds of high-quality mirror works in Dubai. However, these include dressing mirrors, bedroom mirrors, bathroom mirrors, and much more.

Have a look at it.

Keep in mind that these mirror works are related to residential and commercial interior decoration and not to be confused with rayon mirror work Kurtis in Dubai.

1.      Dressing Mirrors

A full-sized dressing mirror is a must in every household. Because it helps you to see clearly if you are dressed correctly or not. Additionally, it also serves as a decorative piece.

It is not only among the must-keep and produced mirror works in Dubai but almost all around the world.

If you are looking for a decorative, full-sized dressing mirror in Dubai then Hamdan Glass Services is the best fit for you.

2.      Furniture Mirrors

You can also find the services of furniture mirrors at Hamdan Glass Services. Furniture mirror works in Dubai include dressing table mirrors, side table mirrors, mirrors attached to a bed, etc.

Note: Not to be confused with glass and mirror works in Dubai

3.      Bedroom Mirrors

A beautiful piece of mirror completes the bedroom. Therefore, you can get ready while staying in your privacy.

However, if you want to install a bedroom mirror, you can get the services of HGS.

4.      Living Rooms Mirrors

The installation of living room mirrors is just another area of our mirror works in Dubai expertise. There are a lot of interesting design ideas for living room mirrors. For example, you can shape it hexagon, heptagon, or even triangle. While the circle has its own place.

5.      Tabletop Mirrors

We also specialize in services related to tabletop mirrors.

6.      Bathroom Mirrors

A full-sized bathroom mirror is essential in the bathroom. We are providing quality services in the installation of bathroom mirrors as well.

7.      Antique Mirror

Antique mirrors are those mirrors that have an old-fashioned yet classic-looking frame around them.

They are not hard to find with glass & mirror works in Dubai, and certainly not with Hamdan Glass Services.

8.      Frameless Mirrors

Some people don’t want a frame around their mirrors. Hence, we also deal in frameless mirrors.

9.      Make-up/Shaving Mirrors

Make-up or the shaving mirrors are small in size as compared to the other ones. Consequently, it becomes easier to hold and carry these types of mirrors.

10.     Wall Mirror

Decorate your home with different shapes of mirrors such as round or rectangular. Use our quality wall mirror services to enhance your home decor like never before.

Mirror works in Dubai are the cherry on the cake of Dubai’s beauty! Mirror manufacturer UAE knows it. This is one of the reasons why mirror suppliers in UAE, be it a mirror supplier in Abu Dhabi, know the touch of beauty that a mirror can add to your home.

So, are you looking for a custom mirror Dubai or a mirror online Dubai?

Whatever you’re looking for, just make sure you don’t skip it and make your house just as beautiful!

1 of the Best Glass Work Companies in Dubai – +971567506355

Glass work companies in Dubai covers you from glass furniture to much more. The question is, do you know what are you looking for?

Glass furniture gives a tremendously nice look to your home, office, bathrooms, etc. If you want to decorate your home, then you should think of installing items like sliding glass doors, glass windows, glass dining tables, and much more.

However, in offices, you might also need the glass partition system to be installed. These glass partition systems help improve the acoustic environment by reducing the amount of noise in large working spaces. Moreover, you get an aesthetic look for your workplace by the glass work.

If you are looking for one of the best glass work companies in Dubai, then you have landed on the right page. In this blog post, we have brought one of the best glass work companies in Dubai. So, without any further ado let’s get started.

HGS – 1 of the Best Glass Work Companies in Dubai

Hamdan Glass Services, also known as HGS, is one of the best glass work companies in Dubai. Being one of the leading technical services LLC legal companies in Dubai, Hamdan Glass Services provide the best quality aluminum and glass work in Dubai, yet you can also notice that their rates are pretty affordable.

The company aims to provide its customers the maximum possible quality at the most affordable rates. On the other hand, HGS also provides the facility of free quotation and site surveys to provide 360 customer satisfaction.

The team of HGS is highly motivated to fulfill your needs in glass installation and repair. But they consider the ample customer satisfaction above of all.

This is a little introduction to Hamdan Glass Services, one of the focused glass work companies in Dubai. Now, let’s talk about the services they are providing.

Services by Hamdan Glass Services.

glass work companies in dubai


Currently, HGS is dealing in a very large field of glass services, ranging from interior and exterior glass work all the way to shower glass partition. Here, you will find a list of all the glasswork services that HGS is providing.

·        Interior and Exterior Glass Work

glass work companies in Dubai
glass work companies in Dubai

Hamdan Glass Services specializes in the field of interior and exterior glass work in Dubai. Interior and exterior glass work are used in both, commercial buildings as well as residential buildings.

We, at HGS, assure you that if you hire us for the installation of glass work, the safety and elegance of the work would remain the same. Meanwhile, the wastage of glass during the whole process shall remain as minimum as possible.

Afterall, conservation and maximum utilization should remain a focused task for the glass work companies in Dubai, and for that matter, for glass work companies around the world.

·        Office Glass Partition

glass work companies in dubai
glass work companies in dubai

The glass partition is one of the most basic needs of any workplace.


Because this glass partition helps a lot in reducing the occupational noises wandering all over the workplace. These noises affect a lot on the psychology of the employee. Consequently, the employees will have a decrease in their efficiency because of this effect. Hence, it is important to install the glass partition in the workplace.

Furthermore, the glassware doors and partitions give an aesthetic view of your office, and glass work companies in Dubai happen to know its worth. On the other hand, because of its transparency glass allows more of the natural light to enter the workplace giving ease of sight.

If you want to install glass partitions and glass doors in your office or any workplace, you can approach Hamdan Glass Services. We at HGS are providing the best glass work in Dubai because our manufacturing focuses on the production of material excelling in easy maintenance and maximum sound insulation.

·        Shower Glass Partition in Dubai

glass work companies in dubai
glass work companies in dubai

If you want to reduce the water splashing in the bathroom while having a shower, then a shower glass partition is the best option.

But nowadays, space utilization is becoming very important, both for the people and for the glass work companies in Dubai. So, considering the customers’ demands, HGS started designing frameless shower doors. Eventually, you get more space when you install these frameless shower doors in your bathroom.

Below, you will find the types of shower glass partitions that we are dealing in.

Types of Shower Glass Partition available at Hamdan Glass Services.

  1. Shower screen installation
  2. Frameless shower glass partition
  3. The shower enclosure works.
  4. Custom design shower glass partition
  5. Shower partition in Dubai
  6. Shower Enclosures
  7. Screen for bathtub
  8. The shower sliding door works.
  9. Shower glass works.

·        Mirror Installation Work

A beautiful looking piece of a mirror can have a great impact on your psychology when you look at your reflection in it. There are a lot of glass work companies in Dubai that are manufacturing mirrors. Yet, no one can beat the class of mirrors from HGS.

Whether it is sandblasting, LED-backlighting, or colored mirroring, you can always count on Hamdan Glass services. Because we believe in customer satisfaction.

·        Glass Tabletop

Whether you are watching Television in your TV lounge, or you are having an informal meeting with guests in your drawing-room. A nice-looking table must be present all the time. A table with a glass tabletop is considered to be one of the most beautiful tables in the world.

Glass work companies in Dubai appreciate your efforts to welcome your guests to your home. Hence, they are interested in manufacturing a top-notch glass tabletop for you.

So, how far can we cover your tabletop replacement? We are currently providing glass tabletop replacement services for three kinds of tabletops. First, Dining and Coffee Tabletop replacement, second is the office and meeting glass tabletop replacement. Last, but not least, the study tabletop replacement.

So, if you ever feel the need of replacing your glass tabletop, do not hesitate to contact us. You will surely get satisfied with our services.

Why HGS is 1 of the Best Glass Work Companies in Dubai

After reading this article you have learned that Hamdan Glass Services is one of the best glass work companies in Dubai. Because they are providing top-quality glass work services and products at the time. Furthermore, you have come to know that the employees of HGS are well trained, having the latest tools available. However, safety is the first priority of Hamdan Glass Services. Not to forget the concept of 360 ample customer satisfaction introduced by HGS.

In short, we can simply say that Hamdan Glass Services is one of the best glass work companies in Dubai.


With a touch of subtle elegance & experienced professionalism, we can outmatch your expectations related to interior & exterior glass work of commercial & residential needs.

Our experts work with a streamlined process managed in such a way that minimum glass wastage occurs while safety & elegance of the glass work remains intact.


Boasting a team of expert workers, we offer elegant frameless glass sliding office doors as well as framed aluminum in Dubai.

Understanding the needs of office renovators, we provide quality customize-able wall glass partitions in different shapes & sizes.

Our manufacturing is focused on producing material excelling in easy maintenance as well as maximum sound insulation.

Are you looking for the best office glass partition service in Dubai? If yes, then let’s connect at 0971556582346 & let us quote you the price under your budget with maximum quality material!