Different Types of Glass Table Top in Dubai

Different Types of Glass Table Top in Dubai:

We understand the effort you put to decorate your drawing rooms.We try our best to assist by providing quality glass table top services. 1.Replacement of Glass Table Top: If you are looking for glass  replacement, for study table, dining and coffee glass replacement, office and meeting glass table top and many other types of glass […]

Types of Glass for Office Partition

5 Types of Glass for Office Partition:

We provide office glass partitions used to plan office design.Taking care of sound and privacy of Office glass partition.  Acoustic Glass Partition: To provide better glass insulation than an ordinary single glazed acoustic glass is a special glass for office glass partitions.  The noise levels  can be reduce approximately 20-25 decibels by single glazing with a […]

Top-notch Glass Window Repair In Dubai

Types of Mirror Work In Dubai

We are dealing with high-quality mirror work in Dubai, mirror installation is related to residential and commercial interior. Wall mirror work in Dubai: The touch of  Beauty that mirrors add to your home is magical. So many people decorate their homes especially their bedrooms or bathrooms with different shapes of mirrors such as round or rectangular. […]

Sandblasting Work In Dubai

Sandblasting Work In Dubai

Sandblasting is a machine-assisted process that involves using a powered machine,  a compressor used with a spray under high pressure.   Uses of Sandblasting: Clean smaller tools: Sandblast cleaning plays an important role in cleaning the smaller instruments. Rust on metal objects can be easily cleaned. Strips off paints: The best way to remove paint because the […]



Everyone likes to see their reflection, so a decorative mirror work  on a wall easily grabs every person’s attention in home, offices. A decorative mirror work in Dubai add  a decor to your home and create an illusion of spaciousness. Types of decorative frame mirror:  Wall Mirror: As I share my experience when I wanted […]