Who doesn’t want brilliant home decor ideas for their home? 


And if you have a lady in the house, the idea of interior decorating isn’t an option but a matter of survival, right? 


For your ease or should I say survival, HGS proudly serves you with quality decorative frame mirror in Dubai at the most affordable prices. But let’s not get carried away and discuss more about the uses and benefits of decorative frame mirrors.


Why use Decorative Frame Mirrors


1: Producing the Illusion of Space


Having dreams don’t cost but finding a large living space does. And rarely does one find space at affordable rates. By hanging decorative mirrors, you can not only add decor to your home but create an illusion of spaciousness as well. 


Try hanging a decorative wall mirror in your bedroom and watch it reflect the open space of the room. 


2: Extra Home Decor


A decorative frame mirror is itself a decoration but if you place it perfectly parallel to a showpiece such as a vase then the reflection adds elegance to the room. 


But be careful while hanging a mirror in the room. Make sure that it doesn’t reflect any dull item such as a cluttered desk. 


3: Enhance Room’s Lighting


One of the most important elements of interior decorating is lighting. Hanging mirrors in the house will reflect the light and illuminate the interior beyond the capacity of the lights.


4: Disguising Imperfections


Imperfections such as a blotch of paint or hole in a wall are common these days. By hanging mirrors before them can conceal such areas by adding elegance to the room at the same time. 


5: Attention Seeking


You can rarely find someone who doesn’t like to see their reflection. By placing a decorative mirror on a table or hanging it on a wall can grab the visitor’s attention easily and add glamour to your home decor as well


Types of Decorative Mirrors in Dubai


decorative frame mirrors

Following is a list of the different types of decorative frame mirror in Dubai. 


  1. Bathroom Mirror in Dubai
  2. Large Wall Mirror in UAE
  3. Decorative Wall Mirror in Dubai
  4. Custom Mirror in Dubai
  5. Cosmetic Makeup Mirror
  6. Wall Mounted Mirror
  7. Small Sized Wall Mirror
  8. Round Shaped Makeup Mirror
  9. Vanity Makeup Mirror with LED


Affordable & High Quality Decorative Frame Mirror in Dubai 


As one of the rising glass work companies in Dubai, we aim to provide our clientele a variety of options in decorative mirrors in UAE. We agree that you may find various options for buying mirrors in Dubai but we assure that you won’t find this type of quality at such affordable rates. 


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SANDBLASTING WORK in DUBAI – +971567506355

Sandblasting work in Dubai is performed in multiple ways, and it all depends upon the purpose.

Finding it hard to clean a clogged surface in your home or office?

Or simply wish to transform your old furniture into a shining new one? 

If yes, you are looking for sandblasting work in Dubai! 

What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a machine-assisted process for surface cleaning. Also known as abrasive blasting, the process usually involves the use of an air compressor along with a sandblasting machine for blasting any clogged surface with sand particles, thus named ‘sandblasting’. The striking sand particles remove any clogged elements and create a smooth and more even texture. 

If you are looking for the best sandblasting work in Dubai, sandblasting companies in Sharjah, or searching for sandblasting near me, then you should find the best uses of sandblasting. 

What is the Use of Sandblasting?

Sandblasting Dubai can be used for different purposes. Some of those important ones are listed below.


  1. Removal of Paint: Removing paint from any surface manually can be a very tiring and inefficient process and using chemicals to do so can cause harm to the material. That’s why sandblasting is usually employed to remove paint from surfaces. 
  2. Removal of Rust: Rust on metal objects is a very common as well as a frustrating phenomenon. Usually, the rust is softer than the material beneath it so sandblasting efficiently removes it. 
  3. Small Part Shaping: Precision is one of the most important factors while creating small parts. Unfortunately, sometimes machines miss a little edge or metal burrs which can cause problems. Sandblasting can be used to smooth the parts to perfection. 
  4. Concrete Cleaning: You may find debris, paint, and stains in your path as you set up to transform any old part of your building. For the most efficient results, employ sandblasting. 
  5. Artwork: If you are looking to have beautiful artworks etched on your metal surfaces then look no further than the sandblasting work in Dubai as our team also specializes in the aesthetic side of sandblasting. 

Types of Sandblasting Work in Dubai.

1. Air: In this process, the air pressurizes the abrasive and helps it strike the surface. This type of sandblasting is used and suits metal surfaces as it helps to remove the rust from the surface.`

The purpose: Removing the rust from the metal surface.

The second type of sandblasting work in Dubai is using water pressure, and since there is not a single particle of sand is propelled, it serves an entirely different purpose.

Remember, you can find sandblasting companies in Al-Quoz or across the UAE that know the uses of water-driven and air-driven types of sandblasting work in Dubai. But, it is equally important for you to know this as well.

2. Water: In this process, no sand is released from the machine. This is why it is used before coating or painting a surface to make sure that the color lasts longer. And this is why you may be able to find this method used by blasting and painting companies in UAE.

The use of water pressure to shoot the abrasive against the surface suits concrete and bricks. The role of Sandblasting here is to prevent surface deterioration.


What materials can be used in Sandblasting works in Dubai?

  1. Walnut Shells.
  2. Garnet.
  3. Silica Sand.
  4. Plastic pellets.
  5. Aluminum Oxide.

Materials that can be sandblasted?

  1. Wood.
  2. Stone.
  3. Metal.
  4. Pewter.
  5. Glass.
  6. Plastic.

How to do sandblasting? Sandblasting works in Dubai.

Step 1 – Pour silica sand into sandblasting machine.
Step 2 – Connect the machine to the conventional air compressor.
Step 3 – The abrasive is shot.

Silica sand is a material that’s often used for sandblasting by sandblasting companies in UAE. And whilst we know that you are not a sand blasting machine supplier in UAE, But, it’s important for you to know that there are 3 main parts of the sandblasting machine. The first is the air compressor and the second is sandblasting gun’s hopper and the third one is sandblasting gun itself. And roughly speaking, the pressure of abrasive can be around 50-130 pound-force per square inch

As for the Sandblasting works in Dubai, you can find services at affordable rates which eliminates the need to look at sand blasting machine price in UAE.

The Best Sandblasting Work in Dubai

Our team has been performing abrasive blasting or sandblasting work in Dubai for many years. If you are looking to remove grease, rust, or any clogged material from any surface, Hamdan Glass Services can cater to your needs by providing the best sandblasting work in Dubai. 


SLIDING DOOR WORKS in DUBAI – +971567506355

Looking for the best sliding door works in Dubai?

If affordable, high-quality, and fast work is what you are looking for then Hamdan Glass Services is just the place you need.

A well functioning, elegant looking, and sturdy sliding glass door is the core of the beauty of any house or office.

And wherever the demand for sliding door works in Dubai is needed, our experts are always there to help you!

So if you are facing any trouble or maintenance issues with your sliding glass doors, let us pour our expertise & take care of you by providing the best sliding door service in Dubai!

Why HGS for Sliding Door Works in Dubai?

As one of the leading glass work companies in Dubai, Hamdan Glass Services strives towards providing affordable as well as high-quality sliding door works in Dubai. Whether it is sliding door repair or maintenance, all you have to do is make a call to our team and one of our technicians will be there to get your sliding door work done in minutes. Following are the reasons why our clientele love to hire us for sliding door works in Dubai:


  • Experienced Team: At Hamdan Glass Services, we employ top-of-the-line glass and mirror experts. Only so that our clientele get what they expect and deserve of ready-made doors in Dubai.
  • Affordable Rates: Another reason why we are considered one of the best companies for sliding door works in Dubai is our cost-efficient results. Emphasizing most on the hiring of skillful people, we cut our costs dramatically by using high-tech tools and minimizing the efforts.
  • Rapid Response: Our support staff is always available online to take care of any of the queries they might have.
  • Perfect Shape: One of the most important aspects of sliding doors is the shape of the door. We carve the perfect square shape of the door for making it function as well as look better.
  • Sliding System: Sliding doors work the best if the sliding system is optimized. At Hamdan Glass Services, we use top-of-the-line wheels and bearings for sliding door works in Dubai. Only so that the doors can be installed as well as operated easily.

Types of Sliding Door Works in Dubai

Before hiring someone to do your sliding door work you should have an idea about sliding doors Dubai. But keep in mind, these types are not related to wooden sliding doors Dubai or glass. Below is the list of different types of sliding doors there are.

  1. Inline Sliding Doors
  2. Lift and Slide Doors
  3. Tilt and Slide Doors
  4. Slimline sliding patio doors
  5. Pocket aluminum sliding doors
  6. Open Corner sliding doors
  7. Automatic sliding patio doors

What is a Standard Sliding Door Size?

A standard sliding door size is around 80-inches in height and around 60 – 70 inches in width. However, Dubai door manufacturers may differ and therefore, you may be able to find varying sizes of sliding door works in Dubai.

Are Sliding Doors Easy to Break Into?

Sliding doors are absolutely beautiful. However, there is a lurking issue related to the sliding door, and that poses a security threat. Sliding doors may be easier to break into, but there are ways and tips to follow to protect your door from being broken into. If you are interested in reading more about this, then you can read 4 Tips to Protect Sliding Doors from Burglars.

Can You Put a Lock on a Sliding Glass Door?

Typically, you will get a door lock from the inside of the sliding door. However, you can get it installed on the inside for added security to keep the intruders away and keep your little ones away from unprotected crawling.

So you can decide a better, more protected Sliding Glass Door works in Dubai by installing a simple lock. You may also contact a sliding door supplier in UAE to check if there can be a possible problem with the installation.

Sliding Door Works in Dubai

sliding door works in dubai


Currently, we are providing our expertise in the following services:

  1. Sliding Door Repair Dubai
  2. Aluminum Doors Dubai.
  3. Sliding Windows Glass Repair
  4. Sliding and Glazing works
  5. Aluminum Sliding Doors & Windows
  6. Aluminum Doors Repair Services Dubai
  7. Sliding Door Partition in Dubai
  8. Aluminum Glass Doors
  9. Sliding Windows Glass Repair
  10. Sliding and Glazing works
  11. Wooden Sliding Doors in Dubai
  12. Glass Door Repair in Dubai
  13. Sliding door adjustment
  14. Folding door repair in Dubai
  15. Balcony Door Repair in Dubai
  16. Door Fixing in Dubai
  17. Sliding Door Works in Bathroom
  18. Sliding Door Works in Kitchen
  19. Sliding Door Works in Bedroom

However, Hamdan Glass Services deal with all kinds of sliding door works in Dubai. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any specific requests at 0971556582346 or if the telephonic connection is somehow doesn’t work for you, you can always contact us here.