With a touch of subtle elegance & experienced professionalism, we can outmatch your expectations related to interior & exterior glass work of commercial & residential needs.

Our experts work with a streamlined process managed in such a way that minimum glass wastage occurs while safety & elegance of the glass work remains intact.


Boasting a team of expert workers, we offer elegant frameless glass sliding office doors as well as framed aluminum in Dubai.

Understanding the needs of office renovators, we provide quality customize-able wall glass partitions in different shapes & sizes.

Our manufacturing is focused on producing material excelling in easy maintenance as well as maximum sound insulation.

Are you looking for the best office glass partition service in Dubai? If yes, then let’s connect at 0971556582346 & let us quote you the price under your budget with maximum quality material!


What makes you think Shower Glass Partition in Dubai is necessary?

The elegance of a bathroom depends heavily on the quality of glass used in the shower glass partition.

But how do you get the best shower glass partition in Dubai?

Our experts are of the opinion that the quality of the material, the Finesse of the finishes, and a dash of Art in the work is the ultimate secret recipe.

But beauty isn’t always enough, right?

So we put in maximum effort in designing frameless shower doors promoting extra space in the bathroom.

What holds shower glass in place?

Ruber piping plays its tole in the background and makes sure that the glass stays in place. When we look at the shower glass partition in Dubai, you will be able to see that the glass partition is held inside the metal or plastic frame by rubber piping.

Rubber piping is necessary to hold the bathroom shower glass partition in Dubai so that the glass doesn’t get damaged. Therefore, rubber piping not only makes the shower glass door Dubai stick to one place but also protects it from getting damaged.

Is Shower Glass Partition Dubai worth it?

It is important to recognize that worth defining factors also include shower glass partition Dubai price. Which varies, so it really depends on which part of the world you are from. For example, the Shower glass partition price Philippines differents from the shower glass partition cost India.

However, keeping shower enclosure Dubai price aside, the functionality of the shower glass door Dubai or glass enclosure goes, the first thing that it does is protect the rest of your bathroom from getting wet.

Albeit, a large part of the shower glass partition in Dubai is related to the luxurious and modern look of the most-visiting place that we have in our homes.

How do hotels keep glass shower doors clean?

When we talk about hotels taking care of shower glass partition in Dubai, it is hard for us to tell one definite way. It is because each hotel has its own hack.

And so one of the hacks that you will be able to find to keep the shower encolure clean is mixing vinegar with three parts distilled water. But that’s one hack. The question is, is the same hack being followed by the hotels in the other part of the UAE, for example, glass partition Sharjah?

If you are looking for Shower Screen Dubai services without diving into such complications, you can easily contact HGS, discuss the, and get the shower glass partition work done!

Types of Shower Glass Partition in Dubai

    1. Frameless shower glass partition
    2. Custom design shower glass partition
    3. Shower Screen in Dubai
    4. Shower Glass in UAE
    5. Shower Glass Door in Dubai
    6. Bathroom Shower Glass Partition
    7. Shower Screen Installation
    8. Shower Enclosure Works
    9. Shower Partition in Dubai
    10. Shower Enclosures
    11. Screen for Bathtub
    12. Shower Sliding Door wWorks
    13. Shower Glass Works

Want the best shower glass partition in Dubai at affordable rates?

Simply contact us here or directly call at 0971556582346 for cost-efficient shower glass partition prices.

GLASS WINDOW REPAIR in DUBAI – +971567506355

Aren’t the very manufacturers of glass & servicemen the best option for glass window repair in Dubai?

And we are undoubtedly the experts in the glass field in Dubai!

Whether it’s an office, apartment, villa, or shop, our expertise is always ready to serve your glass window repair needs.

If you looking for affordable, fast, and quality glass window repair service, let’s connect at 0971556582346

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Is anything more beautiful than taking a look at yourself in an elegant-looking piece of a mirror?

That’s exactly why we, at Hamdan Glass Services, provide quality mirror installation work in Dubai at the most affordable rates.

Mirrors are the staple elements of beauty in houses as well as offices. Whether it is the bathroom, bedroom, or drawing room, beautiful mirrors with elegantly crafted frames and wood designs are the heart of the room’s beauty.

Whether it is sandblasting, colored mirroring, or led back-lighting, our expertise will not compromise a bit as we proudly provide you the best mirror installation work in Dubai.

Why Choose us for Mirror Installation Work in Dubai?

As a leading glass company in the UAE, we strive towards making offices and homes elegant by providing top-of-the-line glass and mirror material combined with expertise in the mirror works in Dubai. Following are some of the reasons why you should choose Hamdan Glass Services for mirror installation work in Dubai.

  1.  Unrivaled Rates: There is a misconception that quality work requires huge amounts of money. We tackle this myth by ordering glass and mirror products in bulk from the best mirror suppliers in Dubai so that we can cut our prices without compromising the quality.
  2. Skillful Experience: We believe that without special expertise in a certain skill no one can produce great results. That’s exactly why we focus on hiring the best technicians for our team of mirror installation work in Dubai. This way the rate of our customer satisfaction stays on the top.
  3. An Expert’s work is better than DIY: There are certain complications while installing a mirror. Following are a few of those:
  • Mirror Installation Damage: Our team is full of experienced handymen who have been engaged with mirror works Dubai for years. They know the price and value of your mirror and avoid any risk of scratches, chipping, or god forbid dropping it.
  • Secure Mounting: Different walls or sections of walls require a certain mirror installation technique and the mirror manufacturer UAE market knows that. Our technicians ensure that the mounting of your mirror is perfect for your wall.
  • Hanging Technique: As professionals, our workers carry certain tools and a variety of hanging material that can produce a more attractive hanging of your mirror
  • Safety: The most important reason for hiring an expert for mirror installation is your personal safety. Mirrors can be quite heavy as well as dangerous. Our experts take extra care of your safety while handling mirror installation work in Dubai.


Types of Mirror Installation Work in Dubai

types of mirrors in dubai

So, before you type in anything like Aluminium and glass work Dubai, Mirror online Dubai, Mirror Shop Dubai, or Glass Suppliers in Dubai in the search bar, you need to know its types. It’ll help you stay decisive rather than ambiguous before you talk to the services or place your order!

We deal in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes that add an extra dash of elegance to your rooms.

Currently, we are providing our expertise in the following services including Glass Works Dubai:

  1. Dressing Mirrors in Dubai
  2. Gym Mirror in Dubai
  3. Furniture Mirrors
  4. LED Back Lighting Mirror
  5. Colored Mirror
  6. Bathroom Mirror Hanging
  7. Mirror in Kitchen & Home
  8. Big Decorative Mirror Hanging
  9. Heavy Weight Mirror Hanging
  10. Mirror Hanging for Commercial
  11. Decorative Mirror Installation
  12. Custom Mirror in Dubai
  13. Mirror Home Workout Installation
  14. Furniture Mirrors in Dubai
  15. Bedroom Mirrors in Dubai
  16. Living rooms Mirrors in Dubai
  17. Glass Table Top in Dubai
  18. Bathroom Mirrors in Dubai
  19. Antique Mirrors in Dubai
  20. Frameless Mirrors in Dubai
  21. Makeup/shaving Mirrors in Dubai

However, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any specific requests for mirror installation work in Dubai, wall mirror glass Dubai, and custom mirrors installation at 0971556582346

Glass Table Top in Dubai – Table Top Glass Replacement – +971567506355

A home always welcomes its guests in the drawing-room & table is undoubtedly the heart of that room.

That’s exactly why our team focuses the most on providing the best glass table top in Dubai!

We understand the importance of the efforts you put in welcoming your dear ones & try our best to assist by providing quality table top glass replacement services.

So if your table is broken, has outlived, or simply doesn’t impress you anymore, connect at 0971556582346 & let’s take care of you from there.

Types of Glass Table Top in Dubai

We are currently offering the following services:

  1. Dining & Coffee Glass Table Top Replacement
  2. Office & Meeting Glass Table Top Replacement
  3. Study Table Glass Replacement
  4. Custom Glass Table Top Dubai
  5. Glass Top Dining Table Dubai
  6. Glass Dining Table Dubai
  7. Glass Desk Dubai
  8. Tempered Glass Table Top Dubai


So, is it a glass table top in Dubai that you are looking for?

However, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any specific requests or any other glass and mirror works in Dubai