5 Types of Glass for Office Partitions – +971567506355

5 Types of Glass for Office Partitions – +971567506355

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Are you on the look out for the best glass for office partitions in Dubai?

Whether it is your house or your office, it is essential to have quality glass used in office glass partitions. But there are so many different types of office partitions that anyone can easily get confused choosing.

Also, with so many glass work companies in Dubai, one can get even more confused about the credibility in their suggestions.

But if you know which type of office partition you really need, you don’t have to rely upon any of their suggestions.

That’s exactly why we have created this post detailing the types of different glass partitions for offices and their uses.

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Different Types of Glass for Office Partitions

Single Glazed Partitions: If your only intention of using a glass partition is differentiating rooms then this type of glass partition is best for you. Single glazed partitions are low-cost and easy-to-install.

Double Glazed Partitions:  The double-glazed wall has the same function as single-layer glass in terms of lighting and keeping sight open, but it has better sound insulation. Therefore, if you want to reduce noise interference, it still maintains an open feeling, which is a good choice.

Acoustic Glass: This specialized glass glass provides better sound insulation than ordinary single glaze. Therefore, it can be used as a step between single-layer glass and double-layer glass to reduce noise interference in the office. The advantage is that it is not necessary to add a second pane.

Curved Glass: The curved glass wall partition has an excellent design function, which makes your office get rid of the physical feeling and the straight line of the cubic partition. Since the rails and glass panels must be customized, the process must be more expensive and time-consuming, but the final result is breathtaking.

Faceted Glass: If curved glass is a bit too luxurious for your budget, but you still want to avoid square partitions, then a multi-sided glass wall is a good choice. Instead of actually bending the panel itself, thin flat walls are arranged as polygons to create the impression of curves.


So which one are you going to choose for your office?

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