Interior and Exterior Glass work


To give a professional look to your office with a Glass work in Dubai is in trending nowadays and gives a business structure to your offices.

  •  We are proud to provide our services of glass work in Dubai.
  • It represents the popular options for office spaces.
  • Our focus is to provide manufactured material because of which it is easy to maintain and produce maximum sound insulation.
  • Glasswork gave the greatest benefit of Demounting.
  • Without sacrificing floor space and light diffusion this interior glass work allows designers and architects to divide it into partitions.

Types of Interior Glass Work:

  • It is used in kitchen walls to hide the cabinets.
  • Spandrel glass creates a uniform and neat look.
  • Because of its highly malleable nature as it can easily bend between curves and gives a fine appearance.
  • It is five times tougher than annealed and normal glass.
  • To provide better glass insulation and an ordinary single glazed acoustic glass is a special glass for office glass partitions.
  • Noise levels of approximately 20-25 decibles can be reduced by single glazing with a pane width of 4mm.
  • It consists of two or more.
  • Glass sheets bounded with one another and having more acoustic inner layers.
  • It allows 80%-90% of light to pass because it is used inside rooms to divide spaces.
  • It is also used in furniture, in making lamps, large decorative vessels exuding style, and luxury.
  • We use clear glass with a thickness of 10mm

Types of Exterior Glass work:

  • The reflective glass reflects heat.
  • It is a clear glass work with a metallic coating.
  • It blocks the view of people standing in front of it.
  • The two sheets of toughened glass laminated together with a 1.52mm thick interlayer.
  • It reduces the safety hazards of shattered glass fragments.
  • Colored interlayers are used for privacy and purely decorative purposes.

How we work:

Team description

We believe that without an experienced team in a certain skill no one can produce great results in Interior and Exterior Glass Work.

Rates of services

There are misconceptions that quality work requires a huge amount. We tackle these problems by ordering glass and mirror products from the best mirror suppliers in Dubai so that we can give the best quality.

Response on services

Our glasswork gives the best response from the customers. Which enhances our glasswork in Dubai

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