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Mirror installation work


Mirror are the most basic part of the decoration of our homes, offices, bathrooms, but we can’t find the mirror installation a difficult job.


  • But as an expert, we care for your safety and we saw those hidden complexities like moving a heavy object needs practice.
  • Different  types of the mirrors need different installation techniques.


  •  The staple elements of beauty in houses and offices are by mirrors.
  • With elegantly crafted frames and wood, designs are the hearts of the rooms, bedrooms, drawing room, and bathroom.


 We deal with a wide variety of mirror installations having different shapes, styles, and sizes that add an extra dash of elegance. We are providing the following expert services including glass work in Dubai.

  • Dressing Mirror in Dubai:
  •  The mirror used for dressing is always a plane mirror.
  • A decent-sized bedroom dressing mirror will help you to keep your bedroom tidy.
  • These mirrors can also be used in Furniture Mirror, Bedroom Mirror, Living room Mirror.
    Makeup Mirror:
  • Lights hit your face  the concave and parabolic shape of the mirror surface is used for the makeup process.
  • Makeup mirrors or also called cosmetic makeup mirrors.  
  • GYM Mirror in Dubai:
  • Working out is as important as physical activity.
  • It is very obvious to have a mirror surrounding  by you so you can maximise time and energy.
  • By giving  you a 360-degree look to look at each muscle and movement while working out.
  • LED Back Lighting Mirror:
  • LED mirrors provide lumination by protecting the LED lighting from the back and front of the glass.
  • It creates such an elegant way of mixing reflection and light to boost the aesthetics of the room.
  • These mirrors can also be used in bathroom mirrors and makeup mirrors.
  • Bathroom Mirror Hanging:
  •  For instance it acts as a space creator with its optical illusion and light reflection in a smaller bathroom.
  • You can add depth to the space. If you have chosen a 48” single sink vanity you want to select a mirror that’s width doesn’t exceed 48 inches, aim for 42-44 inches.

 Therefore, we also use mirrors in kitchens and homes which feel more spacious, open, and bright. They can transform a dingy space into a comfortable place for cooking, working, and socializing.

  • Decorative Mirror Installation:
  •  Mirror installation is done in different ways to hang  it on the wall of the room or anywhere.
  •  We hang a mirror using Hooks, Cleats, Cross Brackets, and single Brackets.

Similarly we also provide services including Glasswork in Dubai.like;

  1. Coloured Mirror,
  2. Custom Mirror In Dubai,
  3. Frameless Mirror.


Unrivaled rates

There are misconceptions that quality work requires a huge amount.
We tackle these problems by ordering glass and mirror products from the best mirror suppliers in Dubai so that we can give the best quality.

Skillful Experience

We believe that without experience in a certain skill no one can produce great results.
That’s why we focus on hiring the best technicians for our team of Glasswork in Dubai.
The rate of our customer satisfaction stays on the top.


The most important reason for hiring an expert for Office Glass Work is your personal safety.
Mirrors can be heavy as well as dangerous.
Our experts take extra care of your safety while working in Offices when they are doing Glass work in Dubai.

Hanging Technique

As professionals, our workers carry certain tools and a variety of hanging materials that can produce a more attractive hanging of your mirror Installation