Who doesn’t want brilliant home decor ideas for their home?    And if you have a lady in the house, the idea of interior decorating isn’t an option but a matter of survival, right?    For your ease or should I say survival, HGS proudly serves you with quality decorative frame mirror in Dubai at […]

5 Types of Glass for Office Partitions – +971567506355

Are you on the look out for the best glass for office partitions in Dubai? Whether it is your house or your office, it is essential to have quality glass used in office glass partitions. But there are so many different types of office partitions that anyone can easily get confused choosing. Also, with so […]

7 Tips on How to Buy the Best Decorative Frame Mirror in Dubai – +971567506355

Frame mirrors are great for so many reasons – they can glorify the beauty of your house, they reflect light. Sometimes, these mirrors can also create an illusion of making the space bigger. However, if you place a beautiful decorative frame mirror in an empty room, you might end up making it much more attractive. […]

SANDBLASTING WORK in DUBAI – +971567506355

Sandblasting work in Dubai is performed in multiple ways, and it all depends upon the purpose. Finding it hard to clean a clogged surface in your home or office? Or simply wish to transform your old furniture into a shining new one?  If yes, you are looking for sandblasting work in Dubai!  What is Sandblasting? […]

Top-notch Glass Window Repair in Dubai – +971567506355

“If eyes are the windows to our souls, then windows are the eyes into the soul of a house.” These are the beautiful words of Rose Tarlow on the importance of windows. However, in the light of this quote, we can see the value of windows in our homes. Although, the most popular material for making […]

Different Types of Glass Table Top in Dubai – +971567506355

If you are looking to buy the best glass table top in Dubai, then you should know about the types of it. There are a lot of different types of glass material available in the market that sometimes it becomes very difficult to choose one. However, this guide will help you know these types. Although, […]

9 Types of Mirror Works in Dubai – +971567506355

Why do you need mirror works in Dubai? “Everybody needs mirrors to remind themselves who they are. You’re no different.” These are the words of Jonathan Nolan – one of the great American-British Screen Writers and the brother of Christopher Nolan. However, in the reflection of this quote, we can see that mirrors help us […]

1 of the Best Glass Work Companies in Dubai – +971567506355

Glass work companies in Dubai covers you from glass furniture to much more. The question is, do you know what are you looking for? Glass furniture gives a tremendously nice look to your home, office, bathrooms, etc. If you want to decorate your home, then you should think of installing items like sliding glass doors, […]


With a touch of subtle elegance & experienced professionalism, we can outmatch your expectations related to interior & exterior glass work of commercial & residential needs. Our experts work with a streamlined process managed in such a way that minimum glass wastage occurs while safety & elegance of the glass work remains intact.


Boasting a team of expert workers, we offer elegant frameless glass sliding office doors as well as framed aluminum in Dubai. Understanding the needs of office renovators, we provide quality customize-able wall glass partitions in different shapes & sizes. Our manufacturing is focused on producing material excelling in easy maintenance as well as maximum sound […]


What makes you think Shower Glass Partition in Dubai is necessary? The elegance of a bathroom depends heavily on the quality of glass used in the shower glass partition. But how do you get the best shower glass partition in Dubai? Our experts are of the opinion that the quality of the material, the Finesse […]

GLASS WINDOW REPAIR in DUBAI – +971567506355

Aren’t the very manufacturers of glass & servicemen the best option for glass window repair in Dubai? And we are undoubtedly the experts in the glass field in Dubai! Whether it’s an office, apartment, villa, or shop, our expertise is always ready to serve your glass window repair needs. If you looking for affordable, fast, […]


Is anything more beautiful than taking a look at yourself in an elegant-looking piece of a mirror? That’s exactly why we, at Hamdan Glass Services, provide quality mirror installation work in Dubai at the most affordable rates. Mirrors are the staple elements of beauty in houses as well as offices. Whether it is the bathroom, […]

SLIDING DOOR WORKS in DUBAI – +971567506355

Looking for the best sliding door works in Dubai? If affordable, high-quality, and fast work is what you are looking for then Hamdan Glass Services is just the place you need. A well functioning, elegant looking, and sturdy sliding glass door is the core of the beauty of any house or office. And wherever the […]

Glass Table Top in Dubai – Table Top Glass Replacement – +971567506355

A home always welcomes its guests in the drawing-room & table is undoubtedly the heart of that room. That’s exactly why our team focuses the most on providing the best glass table top in Dubai! We understand the importance of the efforts you put in welcoming your dear ones & try our best to assist […]