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SANDBLASTING WORK in DUBAI – +971567506355

sandblasting work in dubai

Sandblasting work in Dubai is performed in multiple ways, and it all depends upon the purpose.

Finding it hard to clean a clogged surface in your home or office?

Or simply wish to transform your old furniture into a shining new one? 

If yes, you are looking for sandblasting work in Dubai! 

What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a machine-assisted process for surface cleaning. Also known as abrasive blasting, the process usually involves the use of an air compressor along with a sandblasting machine for blasting any clogged surface with sand particles, thus named ‘sandblasting’. The striking sand particles remove any clogged elements and create a smooth and more even texture. 

If you are looking for the best sandblasting work in Dubai, sandblasting companies in Sharjah, or searching for sandblasting near me, then you should find the best uses of sandblasting. 

What is the Use of Sandblasting?

Sandblasting Dubai can be used for different purposes. Some of those important ones are listed below.


  1. Removal of Paint: Removing paint from any surface manually can be a very tiring and inefficient process and using chemicals to do so can cause harm to the material. That’s why sandblasting is usually employed to remove paint from surfaces. 
  2. Removal of Rust: Rust on metal objects is a very common as well as a frustrating phenomenon. Usually, the rust is softer than the material beneath it so sandblasting efficiently removes it. 
  3. Small Part Shaping: Precision is one of the most important factors while creating small parts. Unfortunately, sometimes machines miss a little edge or metal burrs which can cause problems. Sandblasting can be used to smooth the parts to perfection. 
  4. Concrete Cleaning: You may find debris, paint, and stains in your path as you set up to transform any old part of your building. For the most efficient results, employ sandblasting. 
  5. Artwork: If you are looking to have beautiful artworks etched on your metal surfaces then look no further than the sandblasting work in Dubai as our team also specializes in the aesthetic side of sandblasting. 

Types of Sandblasting Work in Dubai.

1. Air: In this process, the air pressurizes the abrasive and helps it strike the surface. This type of sandblasting is used and suits metal surfaces as it helps to remove the rust from the surface.`

The purpose: Removing the rust from the metal surface.

The second type of sandblasting work in Dubai is using water pressure, and since there is not a single particle of sand is propelled, it serves an entirely different purpose.

Remember, you can find sandblasting companies in Al-Quoz or across the UAE that know the uses of water-driven and air-driven types of sandblasting work in Dubai. But, it is equally important for you to know this as well.

2. Water: In this process, no sand is released from the machine. This is why it is used before coating or painting a surface to make sure that the color lasts longer. And this is why you may be able to find this method used by blasting and painting companies in UAE.

The use of water pressure to shoot the abrasive against the surface suits concrete and bricks. The role of Sandblasting here is to prevent surface deterioration.


What materials can be used in Sandblasting works in Dubai?

  1. Walnut Shells.
  2. Garnet.
  3. Silica Sand.
  4. Plastic pellets.
  5. Aluminum Oxide.

Materials that can be sandblasted?

  1. Wood.
  2. Stone.
  3. Metal.
  4. Pewter.
  5. Glass.
  6. Plastic.

How to do sandblasting? Sandblasting works in Dubai.

Step 1 – Pour silica sand into sandblasting machine.
Step 2 – Connect the machine to the conventional air compressor.
Step 3 – The abrasive is shot.

Silica sand is a material that’s often used for sandblasting by sandblasting companies in UAE. And whilst we know that you are not a sand blasting machine supplier in UAE, But, it’s important for you to know that there are 3 main parts of the sandblasting machine. The first is the air compressor and the second is sandblasting gun’s hopper and the third one is sandblasting gun itself. And roughly speaking, the pressure of abrasive can be around 50-130 pound-force per square inch

As for the Sandblasting works in Dubai, you can find services at affordable rates which eliminates the need to look at sand blasting machine price in UAE.

The Best Sandblasting Work in Dubai

Our team has been performing abrasive blasting or sandblasting work in Dubai for many years. If you are looking to remove grease, rust, or any clogged material from any surface, Hamdan Glass Services can cater to your needs by providing the best sandblasting work in Dubai.