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    • Sliding Door work and windows have many benefits that make them a popular choice.
    • These doors are more energy-sufficient, secure, and easier to open or close than older models.
    •  Whether you want door repair and maintenance you have to call our team and get your real work done in minutes.
    • No other door provides broad views like a patio door.
    • You unlock the door with the key or from the patio door handle or pull-push the door to your desired position.
    • These doors offer better security than older sliding doors and better soundproofing.
    • These Sliding doors save space as they do not hinge out like bi-folding doors.
    • These doors offer better ventilation without a complete opening.
    • These doors may offer a special feature which is Triple pane low E  glass.
    • Every element of this slimline door is thinner and less intrusive.
    • The gearing and rollers of slimline doors are so smooth they are effortless to open or close even when slimline doors are manually operated.
    • In these doors, there is no need for a fixed frame with panels sliding into a recess in the wall so they are completely hidden from the view when opened.
    • These doors are also incorporated with open corner designs.
    • Open corner sliding doors to a room or space give a feeling of extreme openness.
    • Open corner detail can also work on inverted corners creating enclosure spaces with dynamic movement options.
    • The automatic sliding door is a device that operates in a monotonous manner.
    • We can make any type of sliding panel automatic with auto slide.
    • Sliding glass doors are the main feature in rooms with decks or patios.
    • Sliding doors often have plastic rollers attached to the top and bottom to ease their movement.
    • We do sliding door works in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms to make your space more comfortable.
    •  If you remove sliding door panels you can get complete access to what’s behind them.

    Sliding room dividers add an additional function to open or close space for privacy.
    Sliding door dividers have many different features:

      • Light flows from end to end in every room.
      • Solution of energy saving.
      •  Patented wheel for the locking mechanism. 
    • These sliding doors move along metal, wood which is fitted into the bottom and top of the frames.
    • To slide our doors in an easy way we can adjust rollers.
    • Those doors can increase your home’s energy by reducing your need for air conditioning.
    • Aluminum sliding doors are designed to be well built and are very reasonably priced and energy-efficient.
    • We always try to keep your track clean of debris to maintain your aluminum sliding door. 
    • Aluminum can often come in very different colors so that they are very versatile and can be colored to suit your decor.
    • Doors are the most important objects in your homes, offices, or any building.
    • Door fixing is the work that an ordinary person is not able to do.
    •  This work needs a highly experienced team.
    • As we are there to fix your door and care about the smallest things like door frames and hinge.

    Unrivaled rates:

    There are misconceptions that quality work requires a huge amount. We tackle these problems by ordering glass and mirror products for Sliding Door work from the best mirror suppliers in Dubai so that we can give the best quality.

    Skillful Experience:

    We believe that without having experience in sliding door work skills no one can produce great results. We focus on hiring the best technicians team for Sliding Work in Dubai. This way our customer satisfaction stays on top.


    The most important reason for hiring an expert for Sliding Door Work is your personal safety. Mirrors can be heavy as well as dangerous. Our experts take extra care of your safety while working at Glass Work in Dubai.

    Hanging Technique:

    As professionals, our workers carry certain tools and a variety of hanging materials that can produce a more attractive hanging of your Sliding Door work.

    Size of Sliding Door:

    The size of a standard sliding door is around 60-70 inches in width and around 80 inches in height but we are able to manufacture varying sizes of sliding door works. so you may get plenty of sliding doors of different sizes.

    Tips to protect sliding doors:

    Use a metal bar along your sliding door’s bottom track. Install a security pin in your sliding doors. Apply the shatterproof film to your sliding glass doors. Get a monitored alarm system for your Sliding doors.


    Partner Support

    Working in collaboration with our customers, joint venture and supply chain we deliver road.


    While working on the construction of new roads and the upgrade of existing roads, the safety of the public.

    Structure Works

    Our civil engineering expertise allows us to produce fully value-engineered options for the construction of new.

    New technology

    Technological innovation helps us shorten construction time and increase construction quality.

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