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    So that’s why you are more careful or protective about tabletop glass and we understand the efforts you put in to decorate your drawing rooms and try our best to assist by providing quality tabletop glass services.


     So if your table is broken or simply doesn’t impress you anymore contact us.We are offering the following services for your Glass tabletop.

    • If you are looking for replacement glass tabletops, replacement glass for study table, dining and coffee glass table top replacement, office and meeting glass table replacement, and many other types of replacement glass then you can be at the right place where you find the size, the quality and the rate of your own choice.
    • The amount of time and effort you put into choosing your furniture will go to waste if you don’t put effort into protecting your valuable investments so save your money by replacing your glasses with custom cut glass.
    • At Hamdan glass services you will get custom cut glass in modern styles. 
    • With custom cut glass you also get control over shape, dimensions, glass type, color thickness, and spacer type.

    You can use different types of  glass tabletop as your requirement

    • If you have kids and you  want stronger glass then go for tempered glass
    • And if you want a delicate look then go for thinner glass.
    • Presentation is the most important ingredient in every recipe likewise the dining table is the most important part of every drawing-room, so you can choose  different shapes of  glass tabletop to make your room more elegant like,
    • Round glass table top
    • Rose gold rectangular glass
    • Minimalist modern glass top
    • Tempered glass is stronger than regular glass. 
    • This glass can provide better and longer protection.
    • They don’t crack nor get scratches easily.
    • A Glass desk is a chicest and stylish thing you can get for your space either in your drawing room, office, or home.
    • A Glass desk can fit literally into any space.
    •  The better you choose the glass desk the better look you get the look of your room.

    Unrivaled rates:

    There are misconceptions that quality work requires a huge amount. We tackle these problems by ordering glass and mirror products for Sliding Door work from the best mirror suppliers in Dubai so that we can give the best quality.

    Skillful Experience:

    We believe that without having experience in sliding door work skills no one can produce great results. We focus on hiring the best technicians team for Sliding Work in Dubai. This way our customer satisfaction stays on top.


    The most important reason for hiring an expert for Sliding Door Work is your personal safety. Mirrors can be heavy as well as dangerous. Our experts take extra care of your safety while working at Glass Work in Dubai.

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