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If you are looking to buy the best glass table top in Dubai, then you should know about the types of it. There are a lot of different types of glass material available in the market that sometimes it becomes very difficult to choose one. However, this guide will help you know these types.

Although, tables can be made with different types of material. For example, wood, metal, or ceramics. However, a beautiful table is the one that is made of glass or has a glass table top.

There many types of tables made of glass, including glass dining table and glass coffee table, that creates confusion in making a choice.

In this guide, we have brought the top 5 glass types for glass table top replacement. So that, it becomes much easier for you to choose a material according to your need.

However, before we begin, it is important to discuss why are you looking for glass table top in Dubai alternatives? If you want to resize your glass table top in Dubai, then you are looking for glass for table top cut to size near me, glass cutting Dubai, or glass for table top cut to size Dubai services.

Types of Glass Table Top in Dubai

  • Clear Glass Table Top

The properties of clear glass table top resemble a lot with those of acrylic plastic. This type of glass is clear, bright, and it can protect your table from a good amount of damage.

It has a tinted edge and has a low temperament potential. However, its temperament potential can be increased by increasing the thickness making its edge more tinted.

It is the most popular glass type and you can easily find it. Therefore, it is cheaper than others.


  • Tinted Glass Table Top

Anyone can know its type by seeing its name. This type of glass table top comes in pre-colored designs. These colors can be black, green, grey, blue. Moreover, you can also find a mixture of two colors. For example, greenish-black or blueish-green, etc.

Its properties are similar to those of the clear glass table top. However, the difference is that it can absorb a larger amount of thermal stress and reflects lesser light. Hence, it is the best fit for a place where you need low light.


  • Tempered Glass Table Top

If you are looking for a strong, yet easy-to-buy glass table top, then you should go for tempered glass. It has a very high impact resistance because it is made by locking silica in high heat and high compression environments.

It is four times stronger than the regular glass and its price is also reasonable. Therefore, it is one of the best table top replacements.


  • Frosted Glass Table Top

It is six times more resistant and stronger than the normal glass. Its texture is like crystal. Consequently, a lesser amount of light passes through it. Usually, it is used in the manufacturing of office tables and conference tables.


  • Laminated Glass Table Top

One of the biggest advantages of a laminated glass table top is that when it breaks, the inner layer holds its pieces. However, it is very much resistant to thermal and mechanical impact.


What is the best thickness for a glass table top?

1/4 inch is the best thickness for a glass table top in Dubai. However, if you ask a glass maker Dubai, he will be able to tell you various measurements regarding the thickness of the glass for table table top Dubai. Among those glass table top Dubai measurements, you will be able to find 1/2 and/or 3/8 inch thickness more attractive generally. Albeit, it also depends upon your taste. As for the 1/4 inch thick table top Dubai, it is more suitable for patio tables. But, instead of glass table top in Dubai, if you are looking for a glass desk Dubai or a glass dining table Dubai, then the measurements may differ.

What can I use to substitute a table glass top?

Acrylic plastic is one of the options at your disposal to substitute glass table top in Dubai. However, if you are looking to resize it, then you don’t need to substitute it. You can opt for glass cutting Dubai or glass for table top cut to size Dubai services. Therefore, it is important to recognize your needs, and it goes beyond just typing table glass company near me in the search bar.


Types of Glass Table Top Available at HGS

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  2. Office & Meeting Glass Table Top Replacement
  3. Study Table Glass Replacement
  4. Custom Glass Table Top Dubai
  5. Glass Top Dining Table Dubai
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  7. Glass Desk Dubai
  8. Tempered Glass Table Top Dubai


Where to Get the Best Glass Table Top in Dubai?

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